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Michael C. Angelucci, President of AWM, is a CFP® Professional who always acts as a fiduciary to guide you.
AWM Provides Planning & Investment Services at Hourly and Flat Fees.

AWM helps you to answer the following questions: 

When can I retire?

Am I saving enough for retirement?

How do I invest to make my money last?

When should I take Social Security?

How do I save on taxes?

What insurances do I need?

How will I pay if I need long term care?


At AWM, we aim to understand each and every client on a personal level. We learn your goals and analyze your resources before we begin developing your plan.

Since its founding in 2007, AWM has been a fiduciary planner and has never received commissions or fees from products or services recommended. This is important to you because our advice and consultation is solely based on reaching your goals, not on outside influences or commissions. There are never incentives to sway us in directions that are anything less than for your best interest. You receive unbiased information backed by academic research and experience.

Trust. Plan. Grow.

Trust. Every partnership begins with trust; but AWM takes it a step further by proving their trust through offering fee-only financial planning and investment services.   Your partnership is clear and transparent. AWM does not receive commissions or hidden fees, giving clients a clear and unbiased review of their financial profile. With AWM, you will be “advised” instead of “sold.”

Plan. After receiving a clear understanding of your current financial situation and goals, AWM will create a clear road map to lead you to financial success. AWM will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that is appropriate for your current circumstances and goals, while carefully monitoring the progress of your investments.

Grow. The ultimate goal in financial planning is to  grow the probability that you will achieve your life’s goals. The combination of AWM’s years of education, research, experience and industry knowledge will play a key role in creating a plan that will lead to you meeting your goals and dreams.

AWM Core Values

To always act as a fiduciary
Provide solutions the client understands
Find solutions that consider costs and taxes
Provide solutions based on science, not sales

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