AWM manages individual investment portfolios, trusts, foundation/endowment assets, and company benefit plans (i.e., 401K, 403B, cash balance, defined benefit).

AWM is a financial planning firm that believes understanding a client’s total financial situation and risk profile is the most important aspect of developing their investment plan. AWM also believes that the use of index funds is the most efficient manner of building an investment portfolio.

AWM custodies your assets at Pershing, a Global leader in business solutions. This ensures that your assets are always in your name.

AWM will also work with your current custodian if you prefer to keep your investments in place (Note:  This may limit performance reporting on your portfolio).

Furthermore, AWM is an approved DFA adviser, and maintains an adviser relationship with Vanguard.

Our investment management services include:

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment selection
  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Limiting tax expense

IRA Accounts

AWM can help you determine which of the Individual Retirement Accounts offer you the best tax advantages as you prepare for retirement. Whether you want to grow your savings, distribute your assets or transfer retirement capital, we’ll help you find the solution that works best for you.

  • Traditional IRA accounts
  • Roth IRA accounts
  • Rollover IRA accounts

AWM is a retirement planning specialist ready to help you to better understand and manage your IRA accounts.

Small Business Pensions

Small business pensions help you remain competitive, retain valuable employees and attract other quality candidates within your particular industry.

As a small business owner, you understand the value of a good employee. While you might not have the resources of a large corporation, you do possess the ability to offer your employees retirement benefits.

Because each small business is unique, AWM will customize your small business pensions to your set of circumstances. AWM will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Small business pensions help you remain competitive and retain valuable employees and attract other quality candidates within your particular industry. Call AWM today for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation.

Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. While our services are fee-only, your initial consult comes at no charge.

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