The “YOUR CFO” service makes AWM your personal CFO.

Michael C. Angelucci has 10 years experience as a financial planner and over 20 years as a corporate CFO. Why not let him be YOUR CFO!

As a fee-only, independent, fiduciary adviser, AWM works for you. All fees come directly come from you and AWM is legally obligated to always work in your best interest.

YOUR CFO service includes the following:

  • Build and maintain your financial and life plan with MoneyGuidePro
  • Develop and manage your investment portfolio – consistent with your plan
  • Develop and maintain personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Monitor your investments against published benchmarks
  • Recommend and help to manage tax reduction strategies
  • Recommend optimal Social Security claiming strategies
  • Monitor and recommend proper insurance coverages
  • Help with employee benefit decisions
  • Medicare planning
  • Monitor your personal financial ratios: Net Worth, Debt to Income, etc.
  • Consult on anything financial: student loans, new mortgage, debt reduction
  • 2  face to face meetings per year
  • Unlimited phone and email access
  • Unlimited access to the financial plan through MoneyGuidePro
  • Account aggregation through Yodlee
  • Tax return preparation provided by outside CPA firm

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